A non-paid review of Dollar Shave Club

Everyone managed to save money during lockdown, I somehow spent way too much on random stuff, including but not limited to: makeup, planning supplies, brush pens which I don’t know how to use and STICKERS!. I also signed up for something I’ve been meaning to try for ages: Dollar Shave Club. (DSC)

I’m sure we’ve all heard of Dollar Shave Club, a lot of Youtubers are sponsored by them. Because I am tool, I ordered the starter kit without any discount code. I’m unsure if the code even works for the AU site. But it wasn’t even that expensive, anyway.

I should preface this by saying I am a bit of a razor snob. I swear by the Gillette Venus Razor. Every other razor I’ve tried is just trash. You have to go over the same spot a million times, or somehow think you’ve done a good job, get out the shower, and the whole back of your leg is still hairy. Angle of the razor? who knows. But I swear by the Venus, so I was a little skeptical if this really was going to be as amazing as MUA’s / Voggers etc claim it to be!

Price breakdown: Venus vs DSC

  • Venus Razor body + 1 head: Price: $9
  • Venus Refills: 4 heads $16+ (depending on sales). $4/item
  • Dollar Shave Club: Body+4 razors+ sample of the shaving butter (shipping free) $15.
  • Dollar Shave Club: Every two months: 8x shaving heads, 1x full size Easy Shave Butter $28.50 works out to $3.19/item (I guess shipping is worked into this too)

I should mention I don’t actually buy shave cream and usually just use Soap. However this whole kit is still cheaper then buying 3 heads! Why not splash out on the shave cream, eh?

I ordered on the 3rd of May and it took quite a while to get here, arriving on the 23rd May, however given the covid situation, I mean, I didn’t expect anything better. I don’t think this is a fault of the company – The only annoying thing was that there was no tracking and our community had had some issues with deliveries in the area so I did start to get a little worried it’d been thrown out a van!

It did come in a box but I forgot to get a nice shot

So the razor body itself: it’s heavy, which if Jeffry Starr has taught us anything about, weight is a good indicator of quality (so am I high quality?). The shaver heads have 5 blades!

The body alone is quite heavy which is really good because MUAs say weight = quality?
The body is gripy which is good when you’re working with slippery products!
Is this art?

So lets get into the actual usage: I tried a little experiment, which thinking back, was totally unfair on the brand. I didn’t shave my legs from the time I ordered to the day I got the box. It felt like longer than 3 weeks. It looked like longer than 3 weeks….

Why is this unfair? Well I don’t normally go more than a week without shaving my legs, so it’s not really fair to judge the razor based on something I wouldn’t usually expect of it! I did take a photo of my legs, but… who really wants to see that. Just imagine 3+ weeks of hair growth haah.

So the razer didn’t preform amazingly because it got clogged up pretttyyy quickly! It took a couple of swipes in some areas, but only the areas that were oddly more hairy then others (maybe I missed them last time I shaved? Maybe other areas are effect by socks? Who knows!) However it still have a really close shave after the 2nd swipe and I think it did a better job than the Venus, probably because of the 5 blades! If I had done this with the Venus I feel like it would have taken me a lot longer than it did.

I did try it on my bikini line, which my Venus sucks at doing and usually leaves me itchy and bumpy no matter how much soap I use – and I’ve had NO issues yet with the DSC in that area! I’m stoked!

The shave butter was OK, I honestly have no comments about it. It wasn’t overpowering in smell. I did need quite a bit to cover my legs as it thinned out pretty quick however I do have big calves! Maybe for the average person a small amount would be fine.

So overall? probably 10/10. It will defo replace my Venus for a few reasons

  1. It’s delivered to my door. I always forget I need a new razor and end up using the same one for like a month or more
  2. It’s cheap
  3. It preformed better then the Venus on the bikini line and the feel of my legs afterwards feel better than the Venus.

As I was writing this post, I also checked on the website (AU) to see what else they sold and see they sell things individually:

At time of writing, the prices are (NZD)

  • Pack of 4 razors – Ranges from $9.68 – $4.40
  • Handle = Ranges from $6.16 – $3.50

I do have a URL that EVERYBODY who purchases from there gets, and if you click that

There is a range of other stuff on their website too, including their shaving creams (which I see come in different smells!), scrubs (which I might try!) hair products, oral health and antiperspirants! Wonder if I should buy some more and review? Let me know if you’re interested to hear more!