Exploring the Scottish Highlands: A Week of Nature, History, and Cozy Comfort

Embarking on a journey through the Scottish Highlands, my boyfriend and I embraced a week of captivating landscapes and rich history. Our path led us from serene Loch Lomond to the charming village of Ballater, offering nature walks, castle visits, and a warm stay in a centuries-old cottage.

My favourite part of the trip was seeing the Scottish Heather (purple flowers) everywhere, I find them pretty calming to look at.

We competed a few easy walks, including up to see the Jacobite Train go over the aquaduct (harry potter fans: I reckon a must do lol.

We learnt a bit about Scottish history of the Clans and I did some research on my own family, while historically there is some Scottish family, they didn’t come from the highlands.

We didn’t manage to see a Highland cow, which is weird because all the tourist shops have them plastered on everything.

Our last stay of the trip was in Ballater, which is a small town in the Cairn Gorm area. Our cottage was about 150 years old, although you wouldn’t know it by the insides. It was a small cottage for just 2 people. I spent one evening just coseyd up on the couch with a blanket, watching some prime British tv, a cup of tea in hand.

Weather wise, Scotland was a bit rainy and windy, however we packed smart and didn’t get wet. We did need to pull out our wind proof jackets a few times tho!

i wish we had more time to slowly explore more if the Highlands. Perhaps we’ll be back!

Here is a photo dump of Scotland: