Kia ora and welcome to another blog / website created by me, Jana Hayes.

A bit more maturity, less time to code my own website but more feelings and thoughts to express has led me to create (another) blog with an amazing theme per-provided. Do not judge if you’re coming from the blogisphare. Usually I’d have something cute and pink, but I can’t be bothered this time around.

I’m unsure exactly what I wanted to write about. Powerlifting? My “weight loss” journey? My travel plans and then review? Maybe. Maybe I just want to rant (but probably won’t because this domain is my real name and potential employers can find me, “hiiiii!”

So, stick around if you want. I’ll be sure to update sporadically. What I’m really hoping to get out of this blog is the old blogging community I used to be a part of. Maybe not those people in particular, but the social’ness. The thought exchanges (Oh, and the Xmas exchanges!)

Hello from my little family – ft myself, Jared and Nina 🙂


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