University is over!

For the past few weeks I have been dreading the results of the classes I have taken. I do this every year, even though I was confident I did well in most classes, I still stress because I really just want out already!

Yesterday I got my exam results, and while there are no A’s, I’m still pleased I passed everything, including this course.

I’m a bit of a joker, but I’ll often have a “serious” moment on Facebook. Write a little blurb and thank people who have helped me, or reflect on my time at university. But with all the politics, (which I will be writing about soon!) the ‘unsureness’ of if I have done a good job or not, if I understand a paper entirely, or just having no time to really breath… I was happy to just be gone, and as a result, instead of a nice little post about my experience like most of my friends had done, I posted a little inside joke between some co-workers, old friends from high school, and I guess anyone else who has watched the movie “Friday”

Bye Felicia

Bye Felicia!!!

And there is no doubt that if I am still in Lincoln, or visiting Canterbury, I will come back to visit, especially Te Awhioraki (the Māori student association), and lecturers who have helped and supported me throughout this entire process. I will also be fighting for Lincoln staff and students, RE: the politics I mentioned earlier. Just because I am leaving, does not mean I will forget!

I have yet to find a graduate position – not for lack of trying! I am happy just plodding along until I get the call up. Right now I am working part time at New World still. Cutting below my budget. It’s hard to believe that I will be leaving university with no work planned. Last year I ended up on the student benefit for a month before I got my current job, but I’m not entirely sure I’m entitled to that.

Leaving university has been… uneventful. The past few weeks have been just my normal life – except I can go to bed at a reasonable time without having to stay up proof reading assignments, I can play boardgames with our friends because I don’t have that constant “you have something else to be doing” nagging in the back of my head. It’s been chill.

Jared has paid for flights to Rarotonga as a graduation gift / birthday gift combined. I’ve never left the country and I am so excited! He got the tickets before the exam results came out, which made me feel even more anxious! Not that we wouldn’t go away if I failed, but it’s not much of a graduate gift if I didn’t graduate, right?

I want to leave this blog up, and try to keep it updated. Especially (hopfully!) with interview information, anything that happens at LU that I have thoughts on (Or… maybe have contributed to!) and just a general place to journal my more “professional” thoughts.

It’s been nice knowing you, Lincoln university.

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