Community Consultation

Paula Smith, the chair of the Lyttelton community board, came to chat to the class on the 13 of September.

The subject of her talk was Community Consultation. The main point I got from this talk was that it doesn’t really matter what you want, but rather the community. For example, you could be supportive of an initiative from the council, but the community you represent may not be.

I think this is very important in planning and resource management. You really have to think about what is best for those a proposal effects, and even then, you have to be willing to support changing views. This can get quite serious, as some views may challenge what you feel so strongly about, sometimes you would have to step back and let someone else speak.

We also talked about how important it was to consult with community. For example, the Lyttelton community seems to be very active in their decision making. Some things that are happening in their community are a result of them being asked what they want, and the community actually participating in those meetings.


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