Project Management

On July the 19th we had a presentation on Project Management. I unfortunately forgot who gave the lecture.

It was interesting to see what a project manager does, it seems like a really in-depth job to undertake! There are so many steps and processes that need to be thought about, it seems like a position only someone who had been in that particular industry for a long time would be really able to do. It is a scary thought to think you’d be in control of an entire project and be responsible for its completion.

Thinking about it, as a university student, I am kind of like a project manager. I have to set tasks for myself, I have to do X only when Y is completed (for example, to take this class, I had to get a pre-req of X amount of classes). I have to identify what I need to do to pass all my courses. University to me is like a large project, and I’m the project manager! I think I need more work on my time management skills….

Some people project manage their own house building! I can imagine that could be quite stressful, especially if you’re not from a building type of background.

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