Jana Hayes

Tēnā kotou. Ko Jana Hayes toku ingoa.
Ko Ngati Kuia me Ngai Tahu toku iwi.
Ko te Whare Wānaka o Aoraki toku wānanga.

Kia ora! I’m Jana Hayes I am a third year student at Lincoln University, working towards a Bachelor of Environmental Management and Planning. I have focused mainly on indigenous studies including Maori planning, development and history. I am passionate about the environment, I love the outdoors and partaking in things like camping, swimming and short walks. I love classic cars, powerlifting, traveling Aotearoa and learning.
This website is a type of C.V, it is a place I can visually show off my skills, or showcase projects I have undertaken. I can also be more in-depth compared to a C.V.


You can download my CV

EIANZ Competencies

Many of the competences listed by EIANZ I can relate to my positions dairy farming. From a young age I have always been passionate about the environment and due to this, I am always aware of issues in the environment, current events relating to such, or historical events which have taught us.
I treat everyone with respect, no matter if they are a client, a co-worker, a boss or someone under me. I am also good at communicating with others. Having worked with many ethnicities I believe I am good at breaking things down so anyone can understand what I am trying to ask or teach or talk to them about.
I am always willing to learn, whether that be in the form of night classes or a part time course, or being an understudy of someone senior. I am always willing to better myself and educate myself more.

Critical Thinking

Good at problem solving and finding solutions to a range of issues. From customer service to environmental problems I had to fix when on a dairy farm.

Professional Practice

Value customers, their thoughts and concerns. Always honest, reliable and want whats best for clients Working in customer service for many years has allowed me read customers and try to amend issues to make customers happy.

Environmental Awareness

Constantly aware of environmental issues. Reading global news, educating myself on current and historic environmental events

Effective Communication

Very good at communicating both in a professional and social manner. Plan out professional emails before sending, make sure everything I am trying to say is coming accross clear.

Key Skills

Sound understanding of the RMA and its applications

Familiar with ArcGIS

Hard working, always willing to improve

Familar with Microsoft Office, HTML, CSS, basic office admin tasks

Always friendly, enjoy meeting new people

Understanding of Te Ao Māori, very basic understanding of Te Reo (will be taking night classes)

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